Discovery Kids

One of the things we value at Discovery Church is the Next Generation. We have created 5 unique environments for your child to experience Jesus on their level.
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Birth - Two-Years Old

In our first environment your child we will help your kids begin their walk with Jesus as they experience his love through our amazing and passionate volunteers. You little's will hear songs and stories about how Jesus loves them and will never leave them.

Three-Years Old - Kindergarten

In our second environment we will dig a little deeper into what it means to know and trust Jesus. Each month starts off with a new and exciting theme.  We spend three months taking a focused look at one of our 3 main truths which are:

  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • Jesus Wants To Be My friend Forever

Weekly our passionate volunteers bring to life one of the 3 truth’s with a story from the Bible in a way that our little ones can understand and relate to. In addition we also have a memory verse that is set to hand motions to help our toddlers not only memorize but visualize what Gods word says and means.

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade

Our third and fourth environments are designed to help our Elementary School kids not only develop a lasting relationship with Jesus but lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ. NXT meets Sundays morning and Xtreme is our Wednesday night worship experience. In both environments we have 3 core values that we focus on. They are:

  • I need to make the wise choice.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Just like in FirstLook, each month starts off with an exciting theme and Godly Virtue. Then every week we look at a new bottom line that reinforces our Bible story along with a memory verse that helps them learn Gods word.

Fifth Grade

Collide is our fifth environment which gives Preteens the space they need to go deeper in Gods word, free from the distractions of the littler kids. Collide provides a bridge to their next phase of life which is our student ministry, IMPACT. In this environment your Preteens are reminded to continue to live out the same 3 values as our NXT and Xtreme kids. They also go through the same monthly material as NXT and Xtreme but the lessons are geared more toward their unique phase of life.