Live for Freedom

Series Overview Everyone says they want freedom, but what does that mean to us? Is it about living without rules? Is it doing whatever makes you happy? In this series, we explore the idea of freedom as a journey we take into an unhindered experience of the presence of God. July 4 - Week 1: Dependence Do you think about freedom as independence? God challenges us to see true freedom in our dependence on Him. In this message, Pastor Tim looks at the Old Testament story of Exodus to show us that freedom is found in the presence of God. Find out what it means to submit to Jesus, not cultural expectations. July 11 - Week 2: Reversing The Curse Do you know what freedom looks like? It’s the Garden of Eden, where, in the beginning, there was no shame, no striving, and no separation from God or one another. In this message, Pastor Tim tells us why the world’s definition of freedom is wrong and how it sends us looking for freedom in all the wrong places. Only Jesus can reverse the curse of sin and satisfy our deepest longing to be free. July 18 - Week 3: Freedom From The Inside Out Do you think something must change around so you can be free? In this message, Pastor Tim shows us how the experience of the unhindered presence of God breaks us out of the prison of our pain and our circumstances. Discover the three principles of living in freedom. July 25 - Week 4: The Pathway To Freedom Everyone wants freedom. But do you know how to stay free once Jesus has set you free? In this message, Mike Baker talks about the path to a lifetime of freedom that comes from letting the patterns of your life lead you into God’s presence. You’ll learn how intentional daily choices can “re-wire” your mind to seek the rewards of God, not the world.